I’m a suburban Chicago girl who left behind the brutal winters of the Windy City two decades ago for the warmer (although, at times, tornadic) climate of Missouri, where I live with my husband and three daughters. When I’m not putting miles on my minivan driving my kids to activities, you can find me exploring the region discovering people and places that make life interesting. I write about my travel experiences in the Ozarks on JoplinMOLife.com.

During the rare quiet moments in my day, I find myself musing about this amusing journey through life, and I created this blog as a home for the thoughts that pop into my head at these times. It’s cheap therapy for me and – I hope – entertainment for you.

I’ve also written for several publications, including Missouri Life and Show Me the Ozarks. You can view my writing portfolio over at Contently.

In case you are wondering, here’s how you pronounce Sempetrean: semp-eh-tree-an. See? Easy! Isn’t it more fun to say than Smith?